Vanda PhuaVanda Phua

Vanda Phua

Yoga teacher in -
Singapore, Singapore

Vanda has been practising yoga for over ten years now. At the encouragement of her favourite yoga teacher, she took her love for yoga to the next step - she underwent yoga teacher training. And now, she is a certified yoga instructor.

Vanda believes in yoga for balance. With yoga in her life, she has become more self-aware and bettered her relationships with people. Her mental and physical well-being have also improved.

Now, she would like to share the benefits of yoga with everyone else with Vanda Yoga!
Whether you are new to yoga or are just getting into a regular yoga practice or just pregnant (congrats!) or recently given birth (congrats too!), start now!


Styles practiced :
Antenatal, Ashtanga, Flow, Gentle, Hatha, Mum and Baby, Postnatal, Pregnancy, Restorative, Vinyasa,