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Shamron Johnson

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Houston, Texas, United States

Teaches in multiple towns

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    Suntouch Yoga

    Houston, Texas, United States

    Suntouch Yoga is a beautiful Hot/Warm studio with lots of classes and times to choose from. Checkout the web page at

    Suntouch Yoga offers you a sacred space into which to retreat and unwind, in an atmosphere that promotes healing and growth. Join us and enjoy the most rewarding side effect of Yoga practice ~ a renewed zest of life you will experiece.

    In our studio we honor Uniqueness, because in Uniqueness there is no Comparison!!!

    Yoga Studio
    Features dedicated space, with room for 30 students.
    Specialize flooring designed to maximize your stability and minimize moisture and pressure on your feet and body.
    Specialized far infrared heating system designed to warm you, not the air in our practice room.
    Specialized air handling system designed to purify air and reduce humidity.
    Calm, clean, relaxing and invigorating atmosphere
    Spacious and clean inviting lounge with plenty of space to relax and unwind.
    Changing rooms, storage cubbies, towel/mat rentals and showers.
    Large, gorgeous yoga room with plenty of space for students in all classes.
    All sorts of Yoga related accessories.

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    The Health Club for women

    Houston, Texas, United States

    A comfortable gym for Women.  Open area for group classes including Yoga, and Les Mills classes.

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    Cherry Blossom Yoga

    Spring, United States

    Cherry Blossom Yoga offers you over 25 classes weekly in an inviting, peaceful studio space.  Whether you are just beginning or have an established practice, no matter what your level of fitness or flexibility, we will help you find the yoga practice to fit your needs. At Cherry Blossom Yoga, we endeavor to create a safe, open, and beautiful environment in which to practice your yoga - in a space designed for everyone to enjoy. By keeping things simple, practical, and accessible, we bring balance to your entire life.

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