Shauna NyroseShauna Nyrose

Shauna Nyrose

Yoga teacher in -
Kelowna, Canada

  • Thursday

  • 1615 to 1715 - Foundation Flow - read more »

    This medium intensity flow class will primarily address proper alignment in the foundation poses of common Vinyasa sequences and sun salutations. Move through a graceful flow series while holding postures longer to build strength and flexibility, while learning proper alignment. This class is excellent for all levels, with variations being offered for beginners and intermediate yogi’s.

    Location: Oranj Dance Fitness
  • Friday

  • 0915 to 1015 - Happy Hips & Hammies Power Flow - read more »

    Struggling with tight hips and/ or hamstrings? Time to get your stretch on! This power based flow yoga class will primarily address those pesky tight spots, the hips and the hamstrings. Using props and pose modifications, this is an excellent class for all levels, athletes, runners and cyclists.

    Location: Oranj Dance Fitness
  • 1630 to 1730 - Energetic Power Flow - read more »

    The yogi's version of Friday Happy Hour!  Feel-good movement to awaken, energize, and revitalize your spirit, body and mind. Designed for all levels with flow, strength and grace. Practice with connection and move to be inspired.

    Location: Oranj Dance Fitness
  • Sunday

  • 1600 to 1700 - Power Flow - HOT - read more »

    In a heated room, this is a power yoga class that flows to your breathe. Feel your body smile as you engage in a flowing yoga practice, moving fluidly from one posture to the next. There is time to breathe and go deeper in each of the poses. Come ready to play with poses and challenge yourself with compassion. The majority of the class is standing poses with some sequences being seated and lying down. Leave feeling wonderfully alive, centered and energized. This class will also entail a more cardiovascular aspect to it. *Cancelled for July & August*

    Location: Oranj Dance Fitness