Monique MarcoMonique Marco
"99% practice, 1% theory" and it's SO true! SO, Who Do you "BE"? Think you need a yoga mat to do yoga? Guess what?! Nope. Yoga is a state of mind and who you “BE” everyday. It’s called a yoga practice because the idea is that we’re always evolving and trying, life is always happening. So yoga is never complete, it’s constant; you always get to “practice” and try again. You can practice yoga on the subway, at the ATM, in the library, anywhere! Yoga is about your attitude, building a commitment for what you care about and creating ways of listening to your body and how you walk through the world. So, join Monique Marco as she interweaves her life experience of teaching kids, serving in the Peace Corps, travelling, Landmark education, Non-Violent Communication principles and more to guide you in cultivating a “practice of practice”. Learn to build an awareness of “who you BE”.

Styles practiced :
Ashtanga, Vinyasa,