Alison HinksAlison Hinks

Alison Hinks is a yoga teacher and artist based in Durham, NC. Join her for the Day of Emotional Rescue Yoga this summer on Saturday July 23, 2011, or take a class with her during the week.

I came to yoga through the incredibly diversified knowledge of my dance professors in college. I think I was doing sun salutations, Kundalini kriyas, savasana, and mindfulness meditation before I knew any of that had a name. I honestly don’t remember my first yoga class. I think it was a VHS.

I love movement, and I studied performance, choreography, modern dance, contact improvisation, ballet, Karate, kickboxing, trampoline, aerial dance, Chinese acrobatics, and flying trapeze before coming to Ashtanga. Having worked with Ashtanga, it was an easy transition to power yoga, in which I got my 200 hour certification. My personal practice right now is seeing myself in everyone, even the guy who cuts me off in traffic. My practice is constancy.

I am inspired by Van Halen, Guns N Roses, Bruce Lee, waking up before the sun, Philadelphia, Durham, Donna Fahri, Frida Kahlo, Elizabeth Gilbert, and my twin dogs. I am a believer in and seeker of win-win situations. When not yoga-fying, you’ll likely find me drawing and painting, writing, singing, nurturing the growing espresso snob within, or at the loudest table in the place.

Styles practiced :
Flow, Gentle, Power, Restorative, Vinyasa,