Debby AndersenDebby Andersen

Debby Andersen began her yoga studies in an ashram in India in 2005. There she discovered how Yoga provided a context where she was able to integrate her lifelong passion for movement with her growing interest in spirituality and consciousness. But even more importantly, she found that through her consistent practice of Yoga, she was able to heal herself of a chronic pain that she had struggled with for years.

Debby became a yoga teacher in order to share this discovery of self-healing. It is her mission to help others find freedom in all levels of their being through the ancient practices of yoga. She believes that our bodies are sacred vessels of infinite wisdom, and through yoga we can learn to access that wisdom and transmute the sensation of pain. She teaches her students to trust their unique inner knowing through living in the presence of each moment, and expanding in love with each and every breath. Her teaching extends beyond the physical practice of asana (postures), specializing in pranayama yoga, or breathwork. The breath is the primary connection between our internal and external worlds, our conscious and subconscious, and powerful tool for healing.

Debby is a certified yoga teacher (Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nasik, India), a Qualified Fletcher Pilates teacher, an Ayurvedic Educator, and a David Elliott Certified Healer.

Styles practiced :
Ayurveda, Flow, Hatha, Integral, Kundalini, Restorative, Sivananda, Vinyasa,