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About me.

Im the very proud mother of two growing boys Harry and Alfie,  partner to a hard working Scott.  As a family we love to try new things and have been known to spend time training on static trapeze in the circus!! !  this year I took the brave step to dedicating my self and devoting my career to yoga, specializing in all things pregnancy and birth which formally being an Architectural Practice Manager came as quite a surprise to my friends and family!
I love all things holistic and am currently developing my skills to include things such as massage and reflexology to compliment my existing holistic tool box.

I first took up yoga many moons ago when I was 17, and an aspiring dancer, to develop and stretch my body. And despite developing a really good physical yoga practice at a young age, the true effects and spiritual benefits of yoga never really took hold.   I practiced on and off for many years after . However after a serious car crash and the unexpected death of my father 10 days later, it was at this point I used yoga as a rehabilitation to my damaged body and broken soul. Through having a wonderful inspiring teacher (Simone Moir) I was gently able to incorporate pranayama (yogic breathing) to help release  tension in recovering muscles and I believed this helped release the tension in my overwhelmed mind and gradually helped knit my broken heart back together.

The beautiful moment  which led me to the journey of teaching was when pregnant with my second son. Being slightly restricted by a growing bump the purpose of yoga came to me while sitting in a pregnancy yoga class. I wasn’t in that room to be the bendiest person in there and to work my body into beautiful shapes and asanas . I was there just to BE as I WAS in that Moment. Fully aware of my breath my body and the response of my growing little person in that time.

It brought me comforting awareness to my changing body and the growing life in me as well as releasing the aches and pains that can sometimes accompany making a whole new wee person.

Through pregnancy Ive seen yoga in a different light, its empowered me with tools and techniques that even now my children who are their own little practicing yogis - still benefit from today.

Now yoga is a whole different experience for me.  Im passionate about all things Yoga, and have found that I pull what I need from my practice  at different times in my life . All this experience made me seek out what I wanted to do, which was to try incorporate and inspire others through yoga. .

Yoga in pregnancy

90% of prenatal Yoga students are completely new to yoga. And I believe it’s a great time to start your yoga journey. I aim to hold all inclusive classes building a community of expectant mothers, learning self awareness and relaxation. We are there to breathe to bond with our unborn babies and to learn that vital skill which as a mother we need and that’s to relax!

Every class is an absolute honor to teach.  I look forward to every class to share the passion, and have a calming yet fun informative class.

The benefits of using yoga as a tool in pregnancy and birthing are endless. I receive messages from ladies weekly as they give birth and express how class technique helped them as they gave birth – it truly is so humbling, and one of the best parts of my job.

Together we create a sanctuary, for mums and babies and bring our wee ones into the world as yogis from birth!

For information or to book classes you can email me on  Heatherburnsyoga@gmail.com Or call me on 07854028549

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