Todd ReimanTodd Reiman

Todd Reiman

Yoga teacher in -
West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

I am a registered yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance. I am dedicated to helping  those that are ready to begin a new journey. A journey that breaks through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers.

I am an Alumni of the University of Miami with a B.S. in Communication and a M.A. in Journalism. After Many years in the radio and television business, I realized my desire to teach. Through my own personal trials I came into yoga by accident. Well, let’s just say I found my truth. I can’t say enough about how yoga has helped me personally. Now I want to serve my community by providing the best possible yoga instruction.

 I am a lifelong musician as well. My yoga practice includes a heavy dose of sound and vibration. I play guitar, didgeridoo, crystal healing bowls, harmonium, hand drums and more. Some if not all are incorporated into my lessons. Sound is where yoga begins and ends for me. Practicing yoga can help you tune into your natural vibration that we all share thus moving you deeper into the silence.  And ultimately, the silence is where we are trying to go.

Styles practiced :
Ashtanga, Flow, Gentle, Hatha, Kirtan, Vinyasa, Yin,