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Our Dharma Yoga "Life of a Yogi" Teacher Training Immersion Programs are ideal for seasoned teachers, dedicated practitioners, and those discovering Yoga. Our goal is to disseminate classical Yoga from the lineage of living Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra, and to impart its essence by means of Divinely-realized techniques. When one is established in Yoga, sattva or peace pervades our life and teaching. The essential tools for teaching Dharma Yoga will be shared by Sri Dharma Mittra and his long-time, senior level, certified and dedicated teachers. These trainings immersions are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to change your life and your teaching skills.

"By keeping the Ethical Rules, gradually we’ll reach all beings everywhere. Then there will be Divine Love everywhere." DM

There is little in the classical canon of Yoga not covered at both the 200 and 500 Hour levels, although as part of the 500 Hour TT, many subjects are covered at an advanced level, since one must already be a certified 200 Hour teacher and have some experience teaching to be eligible for this program. The 200 and 500 Hour programs exceed Yoga Alliance standards in all areas. Both trainings delve into the ethical rules (Yama) and observances (Niyama), the postures (Asana), the breathing exercises (Pranayama), concentration (Dharana), meditation (Dhyana), diet practices, purification techniques (Kriyas), physical and subtle (psychic) anatomy, the seven major energy centers (Chakras), seals (Mudras) and locks (Bandhas), philosophy, scriptural study, pedagogy, Dharma Yoga teaching methodology, Yogic lifestyle, Dharma Partner Yoga, Psychic Development, Mantra initiation and instruction, alignment, adjustments, assisting and correcting, and include actual experiential practice, clinics, lectures, Satsang and Kirtan. There is homework and reading assigned prior to the actual commencement of each intensive, assignments and an examination during, and an internship which includes required components such as teaching, assisting and service if one aspires to become a certified Dharma Yoga instructor.